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Shading and Sunlight Management

Our revolutionary smart shades utilize Eagle Sentry’s proprietary sun-tracking technology to adjust your window coverings automatically, depending on the sun’s position and based on our celestial timers. Protect your home from sun damage, excessive heat, and UV rays, by with our hands-free, automated solutions. Integrated shading solutions can enhance comfort, improve energy efficiency and provide extra security by providing privacy.

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Roller Shades

Our wired and battery-powered wireless shades shades can adapt to any application. Wired shades work well for new construction, while battery shades offer integrated control without an intrusive installation. Perfect for retrofit projects, battery-powered roller shades are a long-lasting, durable way to enhance privacy, bolster security, and protect your property from damaging sunlight.

Available in a variety of fabric and style options, our roller shades ensure uniform control and operate with low-volume motors. They are a simple light-management solution that integrates seamlessly with other home automation systems.


Motorized Exterior Shades

Stop sunlight before it enters your home with motorized exterior shades. Mounted outside your home to keep your home comfortable, and safe. Exterior shades improve sunlight and energy management with the touch of a button.

Integrated shades on your patio or pool deck also keep your outdoor spaces cool and appealing, even in hot weather. With the touch of a button, you can instantly transform your outdoor spaces with stylish, comfortable outdoor shades.


Smart Film Technology

The future of shading starts here. Smart film technology revolutionizes the way you keep your rooms cool, comfortable, and functional throughout the day. Rather than an additional shading component, smart film turns the glass itself opaque, so you can enjoy greater privacy and more.

Perfect for living rooms and bathrooms, smart film uses the latest technology to deliver better results. Liquid crystals inside the film allow light through thanks to a small electrical current. When the current stops, the crystals will block out the light and provide privacy. No shades. No clutter. Just convenience and control.