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Five Home Automation Upgrades Your Clients Will Love

Designers - Build These Features Into Your Projects From the Start

Five Home Automation Upgrades Your Clients Will Love

As a designer, architect, or builder, you keep an eye on current trends to bring into your renovation or new construction projects. Whether it’s the large kitchen island, more seamless flow from indoor to outdoor space, or large dual showers, you know all the ways to bring fresh and modern ideas to your plans.

Smart home technology is an opportunity to differentiate your projects as well as appeal to today’s’ homeowners. In a recent survey by the popular Houzz website, 28 percent of renovating homeowners had smart home features at the top of their wish lists. Eagle Sentry has been in the home protection and automation services businesses since 1986, integrating the latest technology in lighting, security, audio-video systems and more in the finest homes in Las Vegas. We’ve seen how technology has advanced over the years, and we’re more excited than ever for the possibilities of creating unique smart home environments your clients will love.

A renovation or new-build project offers the perfect opportunity for you to include the latest smart home features that homeowners are seeking. Here are five popular ideas to consider.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Pick a Local Home Security Monitoring Company

Just Like Craft Beer, Locally Brewed Home Security is Better

3 Reasons Why You Should Pick a Local Home Security Monitoring Company

Without question, you have many choices for home security. Where once you had to have a professional come out and wire your house to install sensors, alarms, and control pads, today you can go with a do-it-yourself (DIY), mostly wireless kit and have a modicum of protection and control over your property. There are also many national security companies with "starter" systems advertised for very low cost if you sign up for their monitoring plans.

Depending on your situation and how you feel about protection, some of those solutions may make sense. But if your needs run beyond one-size-fits-all approaches and monitoring that is two states away, you may want a more customized approach that fits your property and the level of protection and control you want. Eagle Sentry has been in the home security installation and monitoring business since 1986 in the Las Vegas area. And since we do more than home security – like home automation, home theaters, lighting control, and more – we understand what you want to protect and how security ties into the rest of your home.

So why is it so important to hire a local home security company? Read on to see more.

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Don’t Get Your Security and Surveillance from Just Any Company

You Need Today’s Technology, Installed by Experts

Don’t Get Your Security and Surveillance from Just Any Company

Security systems have been around for a long time. We know, since Eagle Sentry has been installing security and surveillance systems in and around Las Vegas since 1986. The traditional security system provided peace of mind that something is keeping an eye on your property when you’re away.The typical system had sensors attached to windows and doors and control system that could be armed and disarmed.When armed, the system could notify a monitoring center about a door or window that has been opened (or broken) when it wasn’t expected.

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