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4 Tips for Getting Started with Whole Home Automation

A Smart Home System Doesn’t Have to Be Daunting

4 Tips for Getting Started with Whole Home Automation

The phrase ‘home automation system’ can sound intimidating. You may imagine a house filled with beeping technology and spying AI speakers. But a smart home system does not have to be a significant upheaval, nor should the technology infringe on your home’s comfort. The best setups are nearly invisible—a tool that enriches your everyday life with more convenience and fun.

As a smart technology firm based in Las Vegas, NV, we’re here to tell you that whole home automation is not as overwhelming as it may seem. With a correctly installed system that merges all of your technology, it should feel like it’s not even there (in the very best way). If you’re brand new to home automation, get started with our four tips below.

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1. Start with an Area That Interests You

Adding home automation doesn’t mean you need to dive in and install smart lighting, security, motorized shades, and more from day one. Many homeowners start with an area of their house that they’re most interested in and build upon it later. If you’re a music lover, begin with a multi-room audio system that you can easily control from your smartphone or tablet. Or if you’re concerned about your house’s safety, why not start with cameras you can check from your system’s app? From there, an integrator can help you add on to your system, so it’s all easily controlled from one place.

2. Determine the Right Setup

Not every household is suited to the same system. Should you go wireless or wired? What is your budget? How much technology do you want to control? The answers to these questions will determine what type of system is right for you. A wired integration typically makes the most sense for larger systems with many devices. It’s more reliable than wireless and won’t overload your Wi-Fi network. However, it’s not always a convenient time to install wires in the walls, and in that case, a wireless system may make sense. We can help you extend and strengthen your network, so you’ll experience fewer connectivity issues. 

3. Use One System, One App

Whole home automation should make life simpler, not more complicated. If you need a separate app for every single device, you’re approaching smart technology the wrong way. All of your technology should be encompassed in one system and one app, like Savant. With every feature in the same system, you’ll be able to create preset scenes that sync lighting, audio, thermostats, and more.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Bring in Help

While there are plenty of plug-and-play smart devices and DIY tutorials online, if your vision for a smart home experience merges all areas of your home, it may be wise to partner with a professional integrator. An experienced automation team will know how to program and wire your system for your exact needs. After the installation, your integrator will be on call for any required maintenance—something not available when you go the DIY route. Rather than risk an unreliable system (which can be unsafe when involving security), let an integrator do the heavy lifting.

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