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Video Verification Improves the Security of Your Las Vegas Business


No Need to Stay Glued to Your Smartphone: Professionals Can Monitor Your Business for You

The security of your business is always at the forefront of your mind. Whether you’re at home for the evening, away on vacation for several weeks, or simply have a sprawling facility with a large footprint, it’s comforting to know your business is secure with a robust security and surveillance system. At Eagle Sentry, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients integrated security systems that bring peace of mind.

Standard in our Platinum Eagle Alarm package, video verification offers our Las Vegas, NV clients improved peace of mind along with better value for their money, reduced false alarms, and a faster police response in case of emergency.

Keep reading to learn how this innovative security solution can help you manage the safety of your business.

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How It Works

Video verification places a set of eyes on your business, whether you’re on-site or away. Here’s how it works:

  • Your alarm system monitoring station will not only be notified of alarms or motion sensor activation. They will be able to access the live video feed of the occurrence.
  • The monitoring station respondent will check the surveillance footage tied to the system activation to assess the threat.
  • The respondent will then give you a call, and if you don’t respond, the police will be notified so they may investigate.

By placing the task of verifying the cause of security alarms and motion sensor activation into the hands of your security monitoring service, your business is always in good hands with trusted eyes.


Reduce False Alarms

Research suggests that at least 94% of burglar alarm activations end up being false alarms. A person may think “better safe than sorry,” but false alarms can drain your local law enforcement office.

If law enforcement officers are busy responding to a false alarm, they are less able to respond to real emergencies. By adding video verification service to your Eagle alarm package, you can avoid false alarms and the accompanying fines or charges your local law enforcement office may levy.


Deter Crime

A 2012 study of burglar’s motives unveiled that 50% of burglars would discontinue a robbery if they noticed surveillance cameras. Having visible cameras on site at your Las Vegas business makes burglars think twice before following through with a burglary attempt.

For any burglar that is not deterred by video surveillance cameras, video verification offers an additional layer of protection and quick response time by local police. Any disturbances in your business can be investigated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to video verification and professional monitoring.


Call us today at (702) 736-8880, chat with us below, or complete our consultation form to get started with improved business security today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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