Does Your Security Alarm Company Do This?


Why You Need a Local Monitoring Service

We live in a world of many distractions. How many notifications do you get on your smartphones every day? How many emails do you get reminding you of those notifications? Sometimes we get so overloaded, we start tuning things out — but that opens the door to missing something important.

How many times have you heard a car alarm go off? About 90% of the time it is someone inadvertently locking the car in a way that sets the alarm, but there is still a way to get in the vehicle through an unlocked door, setting the alarm off. Only if that alarm goes off for a long — and annoying — period of time might you investigate what is happening. Most likely, if your house security alarm goes off for any reason, most neighbors won’t pay attention either — unless it continues for a long time. If it happened to be a burglar, they might make off with something in that timeframe.

Of course, alarm monitoring and security companies have been around for a long time. You can have your home professionally monitored by many firms. Eagle Sentry has been in the home security and alarm monitoring business for over 30 years in the Las Vegas area. One of the things we pride ourselves on is serving the local market. We are here in Las Vegas, and understand what happens here. As an integrator that also works with the latest in smart home technology, we also know how to weave security with smart technology to offer a complete security solution.

If you are looking for more than the standard security monitoring for your property, keep reading to see how we are different.

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Local Monitoring

What’s different about local monitoring? First, we know who to call in an actual emergency. But more importantly, as a local company that offers a customized approach to security and monitoring, you get the level of service you need.

Let's talk about some examples:

  • If you have a water leakage sensor, we can monitor that precisely and alert you when there is a real problem.
  • If a smoke alarm goes off, and you are not home, it doesn’t have to trigger an automatic call to the fire department. If you employ one of our security camera solutions, a camera in the kitchen can detect that the pot on the stove is smoking. We can alert you to address the problem, and not have the fire department break down your front door.
  • If a sensor on a patio door trips the alarm, with cameras, we can see if there has been an unwanted intrusion. If we are getting such sensors tripped from many clients in Las Vegas, as a local company, we can investigate further rather than triggering an automatic call to the police.

As a local company, our response time will also be faster. National companies often have monitoring centers two states away. They are unfamiliar with local weather conditions or power outages or any other local situations which may be affecting the environment.


Smarter Security

As a smart home technology integrator, your security system can tie into your other automated home functions. Lighting control and smart locks are particularly useful in emergency scenarios. We can program your lights to come on if a security camera detects an unexpected intrusion. If a high carbon monoxide level is detected in the garage, the door can be programmed to open automatically. In case of a real fire with alarms going off, the system can light a path to the nearest exit door and ensure that they are unlocked. Besides calling the fire department, the outside lights can be flashed to help firefighters quickly locate your home.


We know there are many alarms and distraction throughout the day. Trust a local Las Vegas company like Eagle Sentry with your security monitoring, and you will get alerted only when it's essential — and when it is, we will get the help you need. We offer many options for smarter home security — contact us for a free quote today!

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