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Security systems have been around for a long time. We know, since Eagle Sentry has been installing security and surveillance systems in and around Las Vegas since 1986. The traditional security system provided peace of mind that something is keeping an eye on your property when you’re away. The typical system had sensors attached to windows and doors and control system that could be armed and disarmed. When armed, the system could notify a monitoring center about a door or window that has been opened (or broken) when it wasn’t expected.

We are very familiar with these systems. But Eagle Sentry is not only highly experienced in security; we are also expert at smart home technology. Today's security systems are much more sophisticated than the simple monitored alarm systems — which many people still use, and they are still widely installed.

Thanks to today’s electronics, smart sensors, software, and cloud connectivity, current security and surveillance systems are miles ahead of older systems. Let’s look into the modern security and surveillance options for your Las Vegas home.

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Peace of Mind, Every Day

Traditional security systems were designed to protect against the unexpected, like a fire or a break-in. The best it could do was trigger an audible alarm and an alarm to the monitoring company, which would alert you and the authorities. Surprisingly, the security industry estimates that over 90% of alarms turn out to be false, including ones that police and fire departments respond to. The reasons are many, from batteries needing replacement to improperly installed sensors to people not knowing how to use the alarm system.

Thankfully, today’s smart technology allows for far more useful security that gives you greater peace of mind. A video doorbell is today's much safer and more advanced version of the peephole, allowing you to safely talk to the visitor remotely if it’s someone you don’t recognize. If the video feed shows that it’s your friend that you were expecting, a smart lock will allow you to let her while you’re in back by the pool in with a button press on a touch panel or your smartphone. If it’s a package delivery ringing the doorbell, you can see that and not be bothered. 

We highly recommend smart security cameras, which provide the intelligence sorely lacking in older security systems and are very cost-effective. You can have the peace of mind that your kids are home from school or keep an eye on your pets. With just your smartphone or a tablet with an internet connection, no matter where you are you have complete information about what’s happening and if you need to take any action. False alarms and worry can be a thing of the past.


Smarter, Proactive Security

Besides being alerted to emergencies, you want a system that will alert you to situations that can become severe if not addressed promptlyWater leaks are a great example. An undetected slow leak can cause costly damage over some time. A water sensor that detects the leak and triggers a command to turn off the water is a smarter and more proactive way of protecting your property. More examples? If you left your garage door open at bedtime or when you left the house in a hurry, you are alerted, or it can be programmed to close automatically. If carbon monoxide is detected inside the house, the HVAC system’s smart thermostat can shut the system down to not spread the gas. You don't just want alerts; you want more intelligent solutions that can take the right action.


Intuitively Easy to Use

With traditional alarm systems, you may remember the beep and countdown that would start when you either armed and disarmed the system, giving you some short period to enter your code. Today’s systems provide modern connectivity options for arming and disarming. If you forget to arm your system, a smartphone app can do it remotely. The system also can remind you by knowing that you have been away from your house for a period. If you want, you can have the system arm itself automatically as well. And if you need to give someone temporary access to your home, it's far easier to set up a temporary code or to have the system automatically recognize your guest. These features just weren't possible with older technology.

If you employ smart locks, you can have real-time status and control over all your entryways. An app on your smartphone can tell you of any door that isn’t locked or shut — including your garage — and secure them with just a tap on the screen.


Reliability and Resilience

Many older security systems could be easily defeated because they relied on landlines. A smart intruder could go to where the control box is outside your house and cut the wires, disabling the monitoring. Your alarm would still sound, but depending on where you live, people might think it's a false alarm, or it's far enough away from other homes that no one will check. Today’s systems connect through the cell phone network, which allows for a wireless data connection that can continuously monitor your property.


Flexible Security Packages

As Eagle Sentry has been in the security and surveillance business for a long time, we know what customers want. We have developed three security service plans - starting at just $99- that fit the needs of a wide range of homeowners. With our Platinum plan, you can maximize the benefits of smart technology for your home with features like intelligent lighting, thermostats, door locks, and more that will make your home far safer — and get you the peace of mind you want to know that you and your property are protected.


Let us show how our security and surveillance solutions will let you sleep easier at night, at home in Vegas, or away. Contact us for a free quote today!

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