3 Reasons Why You Should Pick a Local Home Security Monitoring Company


Just Like Craft Beer, Locally Brewed Home Security is Better

Without question, you have many choices for home security. Where once you had to have a professional come out and wire your house to install sensors, alarms, and control pads, today you can go with a do-it-yourself (DIY), mostly wireless kit and have a modicum of protection and control over your property. There are also many national security companies with "starter" systems advertised for very low cost if you sign up for their monitoring plans.

Depending on your situation and how you feel about protection, some of those solutions may make sense. But if your needs run beyond one-size-fits-all approaches and monitoring that is two states away, you may want a more customized approach that fits your property and the level of protection and control you want. Eagle Sentry has been in the home security installation and monitoring business since 1986 in the Las Vegas area. And since we do more than home security – like home automation, home theaters, lighting control, and more – we understand what you want to protect and how security ties into the rest of your home.

So why is it so important to hire a local home security company? Read on to see more.

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We Understand Las Vegas, and We’re Local

Las Vegas is a unique city, and its desert location presents its own challenges. We can be very hot, and sometimes pretty cold, too. We understand how our climate affects security equipment. We also understand local construction standards, so our installation crews know how to do things correctly for Vegas.

It’s also important that your security monitoring and surveillance be local. If your alarm gets triggered, the monitoring location is right here. We will be familiar with your equipment and the type of alarm that was triggered. We are not in a call center several hundred miles away; we are in Las Vegas and will be aware if a windstorm may have triggered a window or door alarm because it’s happening elsewhere. We know exactly who to call if your property is near the city center or in an outlying area.


We Think About the Backup Plan

Alarm systems are not foolproof. Older systems relied on landlines, and those can be cut depending on where they come into your house. Systems that rely on the cell network for monitoring are more resilient. But any system still needs power. What if intruders cut the main power coming into your home? An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is the answer. But we could specify one that could power several things, not just your alarm. Imagine if would-be thieves cut power to disable your security system. With the right UPS backup, your video surveillance would still work as well as lights to startle burglars. Of course, your alarms would still work, and the authorities would be called. With local monitoring from Eagle Sentry, we would relay specific information to the right authorities.


We Specify and Install Professional-Grade Security

The equipment and vendors we choose come from long experience over three decades in this field. We understand today’s smart security systems and how they tie into other smart home functions like smart lights and locks. We use the best, and our vendors have a track record of providing reliable equipment that works year after year. From smart sensors to smart cameras, we can outfit your home to be safe, watched, and protected from either intruders or fire, carbon monoxide, water leaks, or other potential incidents.


Flexible Security Packages

Like those big national companies, we are competitive, too. We have developed flexible security packages that start as low as $99. The difference with Eagle Sentry is that you will get a local expert who will be here to take care of you and your system so that your home and family are protected.


Let Eagle Sentry show you how our Las Vegas-based security monitoring services protect you better. Contact us for a free quote today!

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