Is Your Home Wireless Network Up to Par?


Your Connected Home Needs High-Performance Networking

In our hyper-connected world, connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity. One of the most interesting aspects of technology is how the world adapts to it. For centuries people did not have telephones, but after its invention, it revolutionized communication around the globe. The same happened with electric power, and we can’t imagine a world without those two technologies.

In a similar vein, we have adapted to depend on always-on connectivity. If we need to find directions to a destination or dash a message off to a family member, we reach for our smartphone.  These things depend on a network and internet connection, or they don't work without it.

Your home is similarly dependent on robust connectivity. Entertainment continues to move toward internet delivery, and services like Netflix and Spotify are entirely reliant on a network connection. Smart thermostats, lights, and security also depend on connectivity, especially if you want to control any of these functions or know the status while you're not at home.

While some devices still work best with wired connections - and we recommend wired for specific applications like video distribution - the trend with new devices is fully wireless, which means that your home wireless network in Las Vegas needs to be up to the task.  After all, most of the remote control of functions depends on wireless connectivity. Whether it's the smart remote for your audio-video system or the app on your smartphone for your smart lock control, reliable wireless is critical.

Eagle Sentry takes a professional approach to wireless networking. This means professional grade equipment, installation, and service and support. Read on for a closer look.

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Professional-Grade Equipment

Eagle Sentry works with Araknis Networks equipment to provide a home networking solution that’s based on commercial-grade equipment and systems. Araknis makes an integrated set of equipment that’s easy to set up, configure, customize, and is designed to work well together. Their routers, switches, and wireless access points are all designed for high performance and reliability. The access points are engineered to provide seamless signal transitions, so when you move around your property indoors and out, you remain always connected with a strong signal and no degradation.


Professional Installation

We know what it takes to provide robust wireless network coverage and performance.  For example, we typically use one access point per 1500 square feet of coverage area. Connections may be affected by walls and your home's construction and layout, but this is one way you can get the seamless wireless performance you expect in a house full of smart devices and functionality.

Where a wired approach makes more sense, we will use wire. If wiring needs to be run, we are expert at that both for new construction or retrofit installations. If your home is already wired as many newer ones are, we can take advantage of existing infrastructure and add the wireless networking pieces you need for reliable performance.


Professional Monitoring and Service

All Araknis equipment can be managed by Eagle Sentry remotely through OVRC, a cloud management platform that lets us monitor and control every part of your network to ensure peak performance. Should you ever have an issue, most of them can be resolved without us having to come to your home - all it takes is a message or a phone call, and we can diagnose and fix it remotely.


Eagle Sentry has been in the home security business since 1986, so we know the importance of round the clock service and support. We understand the frustration of homeowners when their network fails them, and some part of their smart home doesn’t work, be it climate control, motorized shades, or lighting. To that end, Eagle Sentry has gone a step beyond and pioneered a new remote monitoring service named Parasol. Built on the OVRC monitoring capability, Parasol is designed to offer 24/7 professional support not only for networking issues but also critical functions like security. We are excited about this new service and will continue to evolve and expand it in the future.

Are you ready to upgrade your Las Vegas home wireless network to professional-grade?  Contact us for a free quote today!

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