How Intelligent is Your Security System?


Get Smarter Security with a Fully Connected Home

As a smart home technology company that started in security, naturally we think your home's security is a critical topic. Most people have some form of a home security system. Whether it's one installed by a monitoring company or your own do-it-yourself system with some smart cameras, everyone wants a measure of protection and peace of mind.

With the wide availability of a plethora of smart devices for the home, opportunities abound for making your home that much safer. Devices like sensors, cameras, lights, and locks can be made to work together to give you multiple layers of protection. Not only will you know when something is amiss, but you can also have the comfort of knowing everything is as it should be as well.

Not all of these smart devices work well together; some are better than others. An expert home protection company like Eagle Sentry — one that even has locally based monitoring right here in Las Vegas — can set up the right smart security system for you. Let’s take a look at some ways a connected smart home system makes your property more secure.

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Smart Cameras

With smart cameras, you can always keep an eye on the inside and outside of your property. If you have teens or pets at home, you could monitor their activity — some cameras even have two-way audio capability as well. If you are away from home, your smart security system could notify you when motion is detected around any of the cameras, and send the video feed right to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Smarter Lights

A well-lit home is a safer home. Smart lighting control systems can turn on your lights to make it appear as if you are home. Some of them even learn your patterns and replicate them while you're gone. Smart security can also turn on and off things like your TVs and home audio to give a further illusion of occupancy when you're away.


Smart Sensors

Today's sensors are highly intelligent, often work entirely wirelessly, and can detect many things. Water intrusion, humidity, excess heat, UV, and more are easy to monitor in a smart security system. You can set up custom alerts when something is detected that could demand your attention — like a small water leak that could cause expensive damage if it goes unnoticed.


Smart Locks

Who hasn’t left the house and wondered if they left the back door unlocked? Or maybe forgot to close the garage door when leaving in a hurry? With smart locks and garage door systems, you could always know which entrances are locked and unlocked — and lock them remotely from your smartphone. With a smart home automation system, you can even have them all close and lock automatically based on a schedule or your location.


When you have all the pieces of a smart home system, you can multiply the ways your home is protected and gain the peace of mind you want. We offer many options for smarter home security - contact us for a free quote today!


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